Write raspian image to sdcard

  • Format the SDcard before installation, if needed.

  • First, find out which device (/dev/sd??) your USB stick or Sdcard is. then look at the output of
    sudo fdisk -l
  • After that unmount the device/partition (if necessary) by running
    sudo umount /dev/sd??
  • To format The partition as FAT32 use
    mkdosfs -F 32 -I /dev/sd??

    Again replace ?? with your respective letters.



Write raspian image to sdcard

$ dd bs=4M if=2016-11-25-raspbian-jessie.img of=/dev/mmcblk0

To see the progress of the copy operation, run pkill -USR1 -n -x dd in another terminal, prefixed with sudo if you are not logged in as root. The progress will be displayed in the original window and not the window with the pkill command;

  • Run sync; this will ensure the write cache is flushed and that it is safe to unmount your SD card.
  • Remove the SD card from the card reader.

Small Note: if you’re running dd to either format or write images to large SDcard, you may like to see more frequent progress bar. DO THIS.

watch -n1 -x command ##to AUTOMATICALLY repeat 'pkill -USR1 -n -x dd' COMMAND every -N seconds,
watch -n30 -x pkill -USR1 -n -x dd

##rerun the above command every 30s which updated the dd progress bar, especially relevent for the big storage Drives & SD cards.
##works for all dd commands
##see more in watch [options] commands.

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